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Dear Web Surfers:

Welcome to the Traweek Middle School website.  As you will see, we are committed to the goal of providing a quality education to all students, and to helping every student learn everyday. We believe that an effective partnership between school and home is essential to the success of our children.
As grade 6-8 educators, we are committed to the idea that the middle school years are the most important years of our children’s lives in both their socialization and educational development.
We hold ourselves accountable to an elevated standard of instruction, and we hold our students equally accountable to high academic and behavioral standards. Students should be in school every day, on time, and prepared to learn.

After their promotion from Traweek Middle School, we expect all of our students to pass the California High School Exit Exam, graduate from high school and be"College and Career" ready. We believe in the potential of all students and believe, with parental support, that they can achieve all goals.

We further hold that preparing our students for the 21st Century workplace is of great importance. Therefore, as a result, we seek to regularly implement technology supported instruction in the classroom through presentation technology, hands-on interface by students with hardware and software like IPads, Google Docks, and many more that will prepare them to become computer literate and research savvy.

Please explore our website and feel free to respond to what you find.


Traweek Middle School!


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